The Infinity Courts Characters as Animal Crossing Villagers – TIC Buzz Week!

Hello there, friends! It’s been…a really long time. I may or may not have forgotten how to blog, haha! But I’m super excited to be returning for a very special post! I don’t think it’s a surprise that last year, I fell head-over-heels for Akemi Dawn Bowman’s books. So it’s an absolute honor to be […]

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The Weirdest Books I Read in 2020 – Blogmas ’20 Day 10

Hey there, friends! What is time? We are so close to Christmas, and I’m even more behind now, haha! Regardless, with such little promotion I’ve given this series, I’m immensely grateful for all the support I’ve received so far. This month has been overwhelming for a multitude of reasons, so I’m hoping to catch up […]


My Bookish Buzzwords – Blogmas ’20 Day 9

Hello there, friends! Look at me falling further behind, woohoo! These intros are getting quite repetitive, but I think it’s fitting that this is happening because it represents the entirety of what 2020 has been like, bdkdjkfjjkf. But as always, we’re pushing through! For Wednesday’s belated post, I am bringing you my bookish buzzwords! Buzzwords […]

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What K-Pop Means to Me – Blogmas ’20 Day 8

Hey there, friends! Yes, I’m still behind! No, I will not provide further comments on it, haha! For today’s yesterday’s post, I am bringing a little short post about what K-Pop means to me! This wasn’t officially a part of my schedule, but I got the idea and it seems fitting since one of the […]

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Many Thoughts, Head Empty #2: Mini-Reviews of ARCs I Read During Latinx Heritage Month – Blogmas ’20 Day 7

Hey there, friends! Yes, I fell behind again, folks but this time, we have my deadly allergies to blame. I always say winter is my favorite season (which it is!), but the allergies are my least favorite thing, lol. We also have GOT7 to blame for that, since they completely stole my heart and have […]

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Cozy Romance Novel Recommendations for the Holidays! (A Guest Post by Cande @iamrainbou) – Blogmas ’20 Day 6

Hey there, friends! I’m back, back at it again, with today’s *actual* post for Blogmas! My schedule got all fucked over due to yesterday’s delay, so I had to make some adjustments, which is why I’m bringing you this post a week earlier than I was supposed to. 💀 But honestly, I don’t mind, because […]

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Book Review: Paola Santiago and the River of Tears by Tehlor Kay Mejia – Blogmas ’20 Day 5

Hello there, friends! It’s finally happened. I’ve fallen behind. *cue the tragic violin music* To be fair, yesterday wasn’t the best mental health day for me, and I kinda procastinated and fell behind on drafting and editing. But it’s okay, I’m not gonna linger on it so I can avoid it happening again! Anyways, for […]


Pairing Animal Crossing Villagers to BE by BTS – Blogmas ’20 Day 4

Hey there, friends! Now that I’m free of standardized test anxiety (which actually went quite well, btw!), I can sit down, pre-blog, and be a bit more free from stress! So hopefully, my posts will go back to being scheduled and I can successfully be an organized blogger. For Day 4 of Blogmas, I am […]

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My Favorite Queer Graphic Novels – Blogmas ’20 Day 3

Hello there, friends! It’s Day 3 of Blogmas, and procrastination has finally gotten ahold of me. So, this post was supposed to be drafted days ago, but with College Board studying, I fell behind. Today, I had a relatively free day, and I told myself I would focus and get some more studying done, plus […]


2020 Bookshelf Tour – Blogmas ’20 Day 2

Hey there, friends! Welcome to Day 2 of Blogmas! Originally, I had something completely different planned for today, but I ended up deciding for this, as I have to do a lot of studying for the College Board standardized test and turn in a few assignments, and this pal already fell behind on pre-blogging. :’) […]