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Hello there, friends!

I wanted to share one more post before the end of the month, and since I haven’t done a tag in August, I scoured my saved posts and found the Spotify Book Tag, created by Sarah @ Book Hooked Nook! I’ve been listening to a TON of music this past week, so I thought it’d be pretty appropriate! So, as I answer the question, I’ll also try to talk about some music that fits the category to make things more fun! :p

Hopefully you all will get a nice glimpse into what I listen to most on Spotify and it’ll be a cool and interesting thing to read about. So, let’s do this!

Make sure to check out the original book tag here!

1. Hit Rewind: a book you go back to again and again? 

As much as I love rereading, I kind of restrain myself from doing it *too* often because of course, I wanna spend all my time reading all the diverse books. I’ll be very obvious and say Amanda Foody’s Ace of Shades because it’s my favorite book, lol. (Look at how predictable I am.)

I haven’t listened to much old music lately, but I’ve been simply obsessed with Netflix’s Umbrella Academy playlist, which is chock-full of old songs, with my favorite being Boney M.’s Sunny.

2. Romantic Ballads: a book that gives you all those fluttery feels?

Ohmygosh, DEFINITELY Wicked Fox by Kat Cho! I just have this urge to reread it almost every week ever since I read it in July because the romance is one of my favorites I’ve ever read. Miyoung and Jihoon absolutely own my ass, and their love story just makes me overly emotional, and I love it.

I am such a sucker for romantic ballads, and even though epiphany by Taylor Swift is not *necessarily* romantic, but it’s the first one that comes to mind because I have been obsessed with it lately. Taylor’s vocals are just!!!! *chef’s kiss*

3. Release Radar: a new release book you are excited for?

Ummm, there is no other answer BUT Queen of Volts, which finally, finally comes out TOMORROW!!! I still haven’t preordered my copy (look at me being a super fake fan), but I do have a library loan placed! The wait list is long as fuck (8 weeks, to be exact) and I’m very impatient, but I hope I’m able to read it in September. Also, shoutout to Furia by Yamile Saied Méndez, which releases this September 15th, and I can’t wait for the rest of the world to experience it. :’)))

Most anticipated albums? LANY’s Mama’s Boy, cause they recently became one of my favorite bands, and the singles they’ve released so far are so good. October can’t get here soon enough. AND OF COURSE A.C.E’S 4TH MINI ALBUM, COMING OUT THIS SEPTEMBER 2ND AND I’M!!!! LOSING MY MIND I’M SO PUMPED!!!! The MV teasers have obliterated me, and I’m very thankful. 😎

4. Discover Weekly: a book you haven’t read yet but want to discover? 

Oh my, there are so many books I haven’t gotten to yet, but again, first ones that pop in my head: Daughter of the Burning City by Amanda Foody (cause c’mon, I love Amanda), A Song Below Water by Bethany C. Morrow (which I have an e-arc of that I never got to, but I’ve heard FANTASTIC things about), and Running by Natalia Sylvester (cause so many of my friends have read and absolutely LOVED!).

Now, some artists I really want to check out are Chloe x Halle! I’ve heard snippets of their songs here and there on many IG stories, and I’ve adored what I’ve heard. Plus, some k-pop artists I want to get into are Eric Nam, Day6, and The Rose! Sweet Chaos, Love Die Young, and She’s in the Rain? My current holy trinity, tbh.

5. Alone Again: your fave book genre to read on your own?

This is such a weird question to me cause I??? read everything by myself??? But I guess I’ll go with adult romance, as I do tend to be extra secretive while reading that genre. Special shoutout to You Had Me at Hola by Alexis Daria, American Dreamer by Adriana Herrera, and Rafe by Rebekah Weatherspoon, which I’m all hoping to read very soon when I’m *just* in the right mood!

I don’t really have any guilty pleasure music faves; I am VERY proud of all my music taste and always have been. But I will say that The Phantom of the Opera isn’t exactly the best album to play while showering and all my family to hear, so there’s something therapeutic in immersing myself in it and crying inside. 😀

6. Alternative: an indie book or author everyone should read!

I seriously need to read more indie lit, but from the few I’ve read, I’ll definitely recommend Somebody Told Me by Mia Siegert, a quiet, tense queer thriller starring a bigender MC! It’s quite a difficult read, but I did really enjoy it. The way it explored gender feels and tackled the topics of religion, faith, sexual assault, and the toxicity in the church and the cosplay community was masterful.

I definitely do not know what classifies an artist as indie; I’m kinda oblivious in terms of the western music industry. Instead, I’ll shout out Emily King, whose music is SO relaxing and I love playing it while I blog cause it soothes me so much. Her voice is pure magic.

7. Cheesy Hits: a book full of cheese that you just love?

I don’t really have any cheesy favorites? Like, I legitimately was thinking about this earlier and my mind was BLANK. But I guess I could go with all three of Jen Wilde’s YA books, since they’re quite lighthearted and *do* have a teeny bit of cheese.

Everyone basically hated Don’t Call Me Angel by Ariana Grande, Miley Cyrus, and Lana del Rey, but I played it so fucking much last summer, and my opinion of it still stands: it’s a BOP, don’t fight me on it, okay?

8. Summer Hits: a book you re-read every summer?

There’s truly no book I reread every year, though I will be starting a tradition with Ace of Shades, obviously. But I see myself revisiting Wicked Fox a lot in the future because angst and pain are my best friends! Plus, Lyla Lee’s I’ll Be the One is just one of my all-time favorite contemporaries that brings me SO! MUCH! JOY! And it’s perfect for the summer season too!

What other summer hit is there besides Dynamite by BTS? I mean…. Song of the summer, am I right? They truly saved 2020.

9. Power Hour: an empowering feminist book or character you adore?

I mean, all my faves are pretty feminist, they’re just not explicitly about feminism. But Furia does a fantastic job of discussing women’s rights in Argentina, and I think it will contribute a lot to the feminist scene in YA. For that, and many reasons, you should preorder it!

Well, I’m gonna be basic and mention both mad woman and The Man because I love both of these anthems greatly. What can I say, Taylor basically never fails. 😌

10. All Out 10’s: list ten banging books!

This is just plain mean. But I’ll do my best to list some of my most recent favorites:

  • Somewhere Only We Know by Maurene Goo – I gobbled this 24-hr romance up! The chemistry was off-the-charts, and the food and discussions of the pressures in the k-pop industry? Pure excellence.
  • Blazewrath Games by Amparo Ortiz – One of the most amazing YA fantasies I’ve ever read, and also an incredible debut! Dragons, magic, mystery, sports, and Puerto Rican found family. What else could you ask for, really?
  • Cosmoknights by Hannah Templer – Space gays. More specificially, space butch lesbians. I loved EVERYTHING about it.
  • Pet by Akwaeke Emezi – Easily one of the most brilliant and well-written YAs out there. It’s indescribable and unlike anything you’ll ever read.
  • I Love You So Mochi by Sarah Kuhn – Such a cute and wholesome contemporary about identity and fashion set in Japan with the best grandparents ever!
  • The Lightning Thief by Rick Riordan – Duh, I don’t even have to explain myself.
  • The Witch Boy by Molly Knox Ostertag – An adorable middle grade witchy, queer graphic novel series that dismantles the gender binary, with a gender non-conforming MC! And the cast of characters is the BEST.
  • Gender Queer by Maia Kobabe – Such a candid and raw memoir that dives deeply into gender identity and figuring out who you are! The art is gorgeous.

Already mentioned them, but of course, Wicked Fox and Furia! Incredible, and both have some of my favorite YA ships!

For music, I’ll just go ahead and say VERIVERY’s entire discography, which is impeccable. Stan them!

And that concludes this blog post! Was this fun? 🥺👉👈

Do you have any music recs for me? Does our taste align in any way? Tell me everything!

I hope you all enjoyed, and I’ll see you on the next one.


Carol 🎶

8 replies on “Spotify Book Tag”

This is a fun tag! I love Taylor Swift too and I’ve been listening to folklore a lot lately. You might like Bea Miller? She’s my other fave artist at the moment. ✨ Also, I can completely relate to “Miyoung and Jihoon absolutely own my ass”. I read Wicked Fox a few days ago and I’m obsessed!!

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I loved this post so so much! I absolutely LOOOVE folklore. It is soooo good! Also, The Phantom of the Opera is such a good musical and the songs are amazing. But yeah… my family would never sing the songs (which sucks because they are fantastic). I really want to read Ace of Shades! Great post!

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