My Bookish Buzzwords – Blogmas ’20 Day 9

Hello there, friends!

Look at me falling further behind, woohoo! These intros are getting quite repetitive, but I think it’s fitting that this is happening because it represents the entirety of what 2020 has been like, bdkdjkfjjkf. But as always, we’re pushing through!

For Wednesday’s belated post, I am bringing you my bookish buzzwords!

Buzzwords are words and elements that, when mentioned they’re a part of a book, my senses go OFF. The excitement and adrenaline that spikes through my veins is UNREAL. These elements are some of my favorite things ever and are sure to make me wanna pick up a book, especially if they’re by authors of color!

Today, I’ll be talking about my 15 main buzzwords, so let’s begin!

Enemies/rivals to lovers!

Listen, we all know this is the superior romance trope, okay? The angst, the emotion, the anger, the feels. It’s especially great when we’re talking about academic rivals in a competitive school setting, but that’s more specific. Just, the tension of this dynamic is immaculate and I’m always gonna be a certified Hoe for it!


Even though I mentioned academic competitiveness, my love for competitions in books stems from competition shows. Whether they’re competitions for cooking, dance, singing, or more intense and deadly competitions like The Hunger Games, I will always be a sucker for them.


I think games are very similar to competitions, but the stakes can be a bit lower? Of course there’s deadly games, but I really enjoy stories about gamers and made-up games, such as Blazewrath from Blazewrath Games. Gimme more publishing!


Okay, these are kind of blurring together, but HEAR ME OUT! This one is specifically specific, because baseball is actually my favorite sport! I think I’ve only read like two baseball books throughout my reading life, so I desperately need to rectify that! Baseball is so much fun to me and also provides me a lot of nostalgia. It’s also one of the reasons why we got one of the most iconic sequences in cinematic history: I Don’t Dance in HSM2. So yeah, baseball is my world.

Fake dating!

Another of the superior romance tropes, and I know I’m right. There’s just something that hits differently about two people pretending their feelings and then actually feeling those feelings and not knowing if the other person reciprocates them. *chef’s kiss*


I’ve never had a preference for any eras, until I read Ace of Shades and kind of fell in love with the 20s. The fashion, the vibes, the energy, the music! There’s just something about it that’s so sexy, you know?


I mean… This is pretty self-explanatory, folks. There’s been a recent trend of K-Pop books in YA, and I would like: to continue seeing it. Reading about K-Pop idols in any kind of scenario just never ceases to be fun.


Are celebrities a disease and should be eradicated forever? Yes. Am I still gonna eat up all the books about famous people because I love reading about the different struggles and complexities that come with dealing with fame? Also yes, xoxo.


I know that *technically* the dystopian trend is over in the YA market, but the fact that we don’t have enough dystopian novels by authors of color doesn’t sit right with my spirit. Plus, there’s just something really fun about reading post-apocalyptic scenarios, even though we are living in one. Haha! Anyways, dystopia! I love it!


Listen, anything that has food in it, I WILL READ! Whether it’s baking or cooking, I am a sucker for it. Books with restaurants, books with chefs, books with bakeries, they’re one of my highest sources of serotonin. Fascinating, that I enjoy being tortured as I read about decadent goods I can’t eat. ๐Ÿ˜€


I have always loved superheroes, and I don’t think I’ll ever stop. They’re just so much fun, and the fact that we’ve seen an even more diverse array of superheroes in recent years is incredibly satisfying to me.


I can’t totally remember what exactly sparked my love for witches, but I love them A WHOLE LOT, and I don’t read nearly enough witchy books. My favorite kinds of witches are the sapphics and the Latinas. Brujas just hit differently! (And a million times more powerful.)

Found family!

Obviously, we all know queer found family will always be superior, but of course, I’m just a sucker for this specific type of friendship. The closeness, the pure love, the support, the dynamics!! It’s excellent in every way.


You know how everybody has a favorite mythical creature? Maybe it’s fairies, werewolves, or vampires. Something pretty. Well, mine are zombies. I don’t know what that says about me, except that I have a very weird love for gore and blood. We don’t have nearly enough zombie books and it’s deeply upsetting.

Second chance romance!

LISTEN. LISTEN. This is the third superior romance trope, and once again, I am RIGHT! Just… that regaining of trust, characters relearning their favorite parts and aspects about each other, rediscovering old feelings, having flashbacks to tender moments… HHHhhHHhhhnNNNggg. IT’S SO GOOD, PLS. And also very painful, and I love it.

And that concludes this Blogmas post!

Do you have any bookish buzzwords? If so, do we share any of the same ones?

If you have any book recommendations for my buzzwords, please let me know! I will gladly welcome them.

I hope you all enjoyed, and I’ll see you on the next one very soon!


Caro ๐ŸŽ„

By Carolina V.

My favorite thing to do in life is eat. And I guess, occasionally I read a book or two.

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